Learning the Truth About “Agile” versus “Waterfall”

When I originally created this post, it drew almost 200 hits in the first day which is an indicator of how important this topic is! In response to that level of interest, I’ve expanded the original video I posted below on YouTube and turned it into a 30 minute Udemy course. The new Udemy course is at the following location:


This new course on Udemy is free. The original 10 minute video is still available on YouTube at the link shown at the end of this article. Here’s a summary of both the training course and the shorter video…

Many businesses and project managers are faced with a choice of choosing a traditional plan-driven approach (or what is sometimes called “Waterfall”) or a more Agile approach for critical projects which can be a very important decision with significant business impact but there are many misconceptions about “Agile versus Waterfall” that can be very misleading.

One of the big misconceptions is that “Agile” and “Waterfall” are often thought of as binary and mutually-exclusive alternatives. The result of that misconception is that businesses sometimes force-fit their business and projects to one of those extremes when the right solution is to go in the other direction and fit the approach to the project. Sometimes projects require a blend of both approaches – it takes more skill to do that, but it definitely can be done.

Since this is such a critical decision that has such a big impact, I think it’s very important to have a clear understanding of what we mean when we talk about “Agile versus Waterfall”. In this video, I want to try to help you see these two approaches in a fresh new perspective to get the best of both of these two worlds. You can view the video here (it is about 10 minutes long):