Managed Agile Development – Making Agile Work for Your Business is a new book published in February 2013. Managed Agile Development will show you how to develop an overall approach that blends Agile and plan-driven project management principles and practices in the right proportions to fit your company’s business environment. Many businesses make the mistake of force-fitting their business or projects to a particular project management methodology—either Agile or plan-driven. Others are rapidly abandoning traditional Waterfall programs in favor of Agile—but it doesn’t have to be an either-or choice. A better approach is to design a project management approach to fit the methodology (or combination of methodologies) to your business. With this well-organized, clear, and comprehensive guide, you can experience the benefits of an Agile approach combined with some of the benefits of a more plan-driven methodology, specifically designed to fit your business needs.

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Charles G. “Chuck” Cobb is the author of Managed Agile Development – Making Agile Work for Your Business. He is the owner of Breakthrough Solutions, Inc., a consulting company that specializes in helping companies develop more effective enterprise-level Agile implementations. He is an expert-level Agile Project/Program Manager with over 30 years of program/project management experience and a broad background in business analysis and software development. He has extensive hands-on experience with a number of different development methodologies in many different industries and application areas. Mr. Cobb has been a guest speaker at numerous PMI, Agile, and executive-level events, and for more than 15 years he has worked with many companies on developing and improving software development processes. He is the author of two books on business excellence and systems analysis, and a previous book on Agile Project Management.

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